Why Do Women Get Frustrated With Dating At Times?

Hunters and Gatherers at the same time……

A lot of single women out there do enjoy dating and the dating world. While on the other hand, there are some of them, who don’t like the very idea of dating or trying to date. Why is that? Why do women get frustrated with dating at times? The answer is clear. Despite the fact that dating can be beautiful, as well as, rewarding to females in a lot of ways. It also can prove to be a double-edged sword. Why so? It is because it is good and bad in everything. Dating has its ups and downs. It’s just like anything else. However, in spite of this fact, it still can prove to have its pros as opposed to its cons. Please read on to learn more. You will be happy you did. It’s as simple as that.

There are many reasons why dating can be frustrating for women. ┬áThe very same can be said about single males looking to date and have fun. Women, as well as, men do seem to have their good side and bad side when it comes to dating overall. It’s a part of the dating life that needs to in handling and dealt with on a regular basis. As was previously stated, and will be stressed once more, life is all about the good and bad. Dating is no different. It doesn’t matter if it is online dating or offline dating either.

Why are some women frustrated and not happy with their attempts at dating? One of the problems is this. Women used to be just the gatherers. They weren’t accustomed to being hunters. Today, the role is in reverse, and women have become more hunters than gatherers like they used to be. In the world of dating, they are clearly on the hunt, and part of that quest is to find the one right man that could become a permanent part of her life. It’s not easy being a hunter or trying to hunt for the ideal man. In fact, it can prove to be irritating, in addition to being a challenged to take on personally. The traditional roles for romance have changed and gone the wayside. It isn’t a horrible thing, mind you, but it can prove to be confusing. There is also the existence of a new male prototype as well. The new male prototype is in viewing as being the following. He is a man that isn’t putting in enough time, as well as, effort to pursue the woman that he may be genuinely interested in overall. Men used to put in far more time and effort where women were concerned. The same isn’t being done, as it once was done, by males in the world of dating. Some men have taken to just being gatherers now. Women, on the other hand, aren’t true hunters. They have been made to accept this role in the dating world. It’s not something they feel comfortable with totally. However, because women are known for being adapters, they have managed to compensate for the now culturally androgynous male. It can prove to be a hindrance though.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that dating can be frustrating for ladies, they still find themselves enjoying it all the same. Because, despite the frustrations that do exist, dating is still a whole lot of fun and can be enjoyed by women. The American sexual revolution has created confusion between the relational roles between men and females. However, in spite of the distinctions between the sexes being somewhat blurred, not everyone believes men and women are the same. Women may have to be hunters in the dating world, true, but they can also be gatherers too. What does this mean? It means what it means. If they have to do what it takes, to meet the right man, they can do it. Because, women, are every inch capable of doing lots of excellent things and dating is one of them.

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