How To Deal With Fears About Dating And Conquer Them?

Dating with lots of heart. Forget about fears.


The world of dating can sometimes prove to be a wild and uncertain place for those trying to date. However, as equally frustrating, can be the feelings that can go along with wanting to date as well. Some singles out there do find dating to be unsettling in a number of ways. Why is that? The answer is clear. Dating can do far more than make one nervous. The very idea of it can promote anxiety, upset, and even depression in some cases. Another big problem that can plague some daters is no other than dating fear. Fears are a common part of life and every day living. Nonetheless, one shouldn’t be afraid to date, because if they let the fear rule them. They will not be able to date at all. Fears of any kind can be restraining and restrictive. Therefore, if one does have dating fear, what is he or she to do about it?

First of all, if you are afraid to date, because you have had a bad dating experience or relationship. The best thing to do is to admit that you have a fear in the first place. It’s not good to live in denial of something. You must accept the fact that you have a fear and address it personally. Running away from it isn’t the answer. One must admit to themselves that dating isn’t easy or fun at times. We all get our moments in life where things don’t go right and dating can be one of them. However, once you get a grip, and conquer your fear of dating. Dating can then be made to be lots of fun and easy to deal with on all fronts. It’s all in how you look at things. Dating and relationship fears are made to be conquered and done away with gradually. Nonetheless, it doesn’t happen overnight, and you need to allow yourself the time to get over it. Do take comfort in knowing there are a lot of people who have dating reservations and they get anxious when they think about it.

Do you want to make things happen for your on the dating scene? If the answer is yes, please read on, and learn how you can rise above your uneasiness about getting yourself out there on the dating frontier. Here are some ways to successfully deal with dating fears and exorcise them at the same time. They are:

1. Take on your fear of rejection – One of the biggest ghosts that haunts dating for people is no other than the outright fear of rejection. A fear of rejection can promote all sorts of unsettling feelings dating wise. Therefore, the best way to deal with a fear of rejection is simple, and that is by not setting yourself up to fail from a dating aspect. Don’t try to date people that aren’t available. You can ask a friend to set you up on a blind date or start an activity of some sort to meet new people. You can also update an existing dating profile or do a whole new one to get in touch with some nice new people. The key thing to do is never give up on you and make yourself feel bad about you. You must have confidence, faith, and belief in yourself to meet some nice singles and get dating. It’s as simple as that.

2. Get over your fear of intimacy – We all can put up personal walls or barriers to keep others away from us. It is what it is. Nevertheless, time to break down those walls or barriers, and let people get closer to you. If you have a fear of intimacy, you need to get rid of it, and the best way to do it is by doing it. A lot of the time people aren’t afraid of intimacy itself. He or she is just afraid of getting hurt or getting rejected. Belief in yourself is something that takes time and practice. Permit it to happen. If you do have a fear of intimacy, it also takes time to get over, and look on it as a small hurdle in yourself that you can jump over in time. Relationships offer one personal and emotional growth. Be honest with yourself and your feelings. You will then be on your way to feeling better and more trusting about intimacy.

3. Defeat the demons of abandonment and fear of commitment – There are all sorts of demons that can bring on dating fears. Be determined to dispense all of these demons. Two of the most strongest of these demons is fear of abandonment and commitment. Kick them both to the curb. Make your expectations clear from the get go dating wise and establish them. Address your fears personally. If any differences do arise between yourself and someone you are dating, confront them while they are small, and talk over the differences with your partner. If you have a fear of commitment, conquer them gradually, by taking small steps. Talk over any fears with your partner and try to resolve them. If you care about the other person, and do want to build a relationship with him or her, you have to let go of your fear and dive right in gracefully.





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